Love for antique pieces as well as modern creation
Following familiy tradition, Eric Weigle succeeded his father as chimney craftsman benefitting from an extensive knowledge and renown experience in this very specialized field.

We shall listening to your particular needs, recommend suitable place in your home and advise about most appropiate installation.
Passion for a job
Our small business family is happy to answer your requests.

For 3 generations now, chimney an stove building has been a tradition and passion in our family. We are specialized in the creation, construction and restoration of:
  • Traditional chimneys
  • Heating stoves
  • Fire places and grill installation
  • Antique and modern installation
  • Bread and pizza oven
  • Smoke/hot air duct
We work together with different suppliers and can provide you with several brands.
Source of wellness
Since dawn of time, fire has contributed to human well being for cooking and heating. It provides you with gentle warmth as well as creates a link between men, bring people together, will always remain a comforting, peaceful and soothing element in our daily life.