The ceramic stove by:
  • accumulation
  • warm air
  • warm water
  • with a warmed up brench
  • with electric heating
The stove in heating stone
The Swedish stove

The Fireplace:
  • Traditonal with open fire
  • with recovery of hot air
  • with acumulation and radiation
  • with sliding window

Gril & spit installation

Pizza and bread ovens
Cooking wood stove
Smoke duct and chimney cape
Antique - Restoration
Our compagny is specialized in the restoration and repair of old fireplaces and stoves.
Restoration old fireplace
Various repairs, mostly in the hearth, smoke chamber or connect duct. It obviously requires knowledge of ancient material supplies, various styles, several type of marbles, limestone, wood from different countries.
It requires precise techniques in order not to harm the masterpiece, and should always remain dismountable thus cement should never be used.
The hearth of fireplace should always be in harmony with surroundings be it in dimensions or chosen material and be properly & adequately constructed.
Restoration antique stove
The complete restoration of an old stove is mostly due to its inner wear or its collapse. Old stoves are heavy and mostly located on old wooden beams.

Initially, measurements and photographs must be taken. The stove will be carefully dismantled piece by piece, each one being numbered. Old tiles will be emptied from it balls inside prior being soaked in water, then carefully washed, dried and restored if necessary. Sometimes old tiles need to be glued or reinforced with staples, therefore sound knowledge of old ceramic, clay and tiles are a must.
Pieces made of cast iron, other metals or brass strapping can also be restored.
Once the various repairs and restoration has been made, the stove can be put together in its original size or new dimensions can be adapted according to new location. The new hearth can be fitted to use another heating system such as wood or an electric heating that will radiate a nice and gentle heat.
The job of chimney, fireplace and stove builder is not only about new installation but has a lot to do with restoration of old, antique pieces, worn out by time.

We also offer various antique pieces - visit our exhibition!